The CaféTO program aims to provide more outdoor dining areas to help restaurants and bars create physical distancing for patrons on patios. In 2020, working with the City of Toronto, we installed 20 new patio spaces and 4 public parklets in the Junction, allowing for our restaurants to open safely, increasing foot traffic to the neighbourhood, and bringing some vibrancy back to our community. 

Restaurants, Cafés, and Bars – Participate in CaféTO 2021!

For more information on how to participate in CaféTO in the Junction this summer, click HERE.

For the CaféTO Guidebook by the City of Toronto, Click HERE.

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Public Response

2020 Survey Results of local business owners and residents found:

“It improves the energy of a neighbourhood, not just for bars and restaurants but for retailers too, because more people are simply interested in walking through the neighborhood when things are happening visually.”
- Business Owner -
“The Junction lacked patio options in the past and now with CaféTO I see the Junction in a whole new light, where the streets are warm, inviting, lively and attractive … it’s a place I want to be.”
- Junction Resident -

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