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Support an innovative project that is making a real difference right in your backyard.
Be a part of Project Neutral’s mission to achieve the first carbon neutral urban
neighbourhood in Canada.

• This fall, Project Neutral will launch its 2nd annual Household Carbon Footprint
Survey. Our campaign will encourage households in the Junction to use our on-line
tool to measure emissions from energy, water, transportation and high impact food.
• The data gathered from these surveys is used to create unique Household Carbon
Footprint Reports that raise awareness about climate change and identify actions that
enable individuals, families, and neighbourhoods to reduce environmental impact.

We’re seeking to form partnerships with local businesses in order to increase the
number of people doing our survey.
How it works: Project Neutral will offer incentives (such as store discounts) to people
that complete the survey. Discounts can be onetime or recurring. We will provide the
name of the survey respondent plus a unique identity number for tracking purposes.
We will provide you with a window sign so that you can show customers that you
support Project Neutral.
Our target this year is to have 200 households complete the survey. Last year, one of
our supporters reported that approximately 10% of survey participants redeemed their

“Options for Cars is very happy with the results of our partnership with Project Neutral.
The overlap in our target market means we are reaching exactly those people who we
want to connect with.” –Marc van Beusekom, Options for Cars

Our direct marketing campaign will feature:
o Door-to-door canvassing to approx. 1,000 households in The Junction
o Leafleting/postering throughout The Junction
Our marketing strategy also includes a social media campaign featuring:
o Regular newsletters sent to over 200 Junction residents via e-mail
o Promotion through our Facebook page
o Recognition on our website
Our fall promotional material will include the names/logos of our businesses partners.

Project Neutral
Transitioning neighbourhoods to carbon neutrality One neighbourhood at a time

Please direct all inquiries to our Coordinator, Jon Yazer, at jonathan@projectneutral.org or reach him by phone at 647.799.4009. Interested
businesses should contact Jon by Friday, August 17. For more information about Project Neutral, visit our website www.projectneutral.org and like us on Facebook at facebook.com/ProjectNeutral.