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Grow your business! Join the Live Green Toronto Membership Card Program

The Live Green Toronto Membership Card is a free program that helps Toronto businesses attract
motivated consumers of green products and services.

How does it work? Consumers simply show their Live Green Toronto Membership Card at a
participating business to receive a discount or special offer on a green product or service of the
business’s choice.

With some 400 businesses across Toronto participating in the program, and more than 20,000
residents carrying a card, the membership card program motivates consumers to shop for green
products and services at member businesses, and promotes green business practices and a greener

In addition to gaining access to 20,000 motivated consumers, key benefits to businesses include:

*free membership;
*a dedicated web page on livegreencard.ca;
*free promotional/display materials (for print and online);
*discounts on business-related networking events, trade shows and seminars.

The Live Green Toronto Membership Card is a component of Live Green Toronto, a City of Toronto
program that helps residents integrate environmentally friendly behaviours into their daily lives.

Join the Live Green Toronto Membership Card program, and gain new and loyal customers
committed to making Toronto an even cleaner, greener city. And best of all, it’s free to join!

To learn more about the benefits of joining and to apply online, please visit www.livegreencard.ca

“A great city initiative in terms of trying to bring people together that believe in living a more
sustainable lifestyle…”

– Tony Sabherwal, Owner, Magic Oven, Toronto

“It’s a great way to build community and educate people on how to live more green by letting their
consumer dollars support a green lifestyles…”

– Anthony Westenberg, Public Relations Manager, Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto