Coal Miner’s Daughter specializes in Canadian clothing, jewellery, and accessories designers and makers (many of them local), including Janine’s clothing designs. Janine’s line, Haller, is fresh, feminine, and usually a touch sexy. Keep an eye out for Haller at all of our shops. Among the jewellery collections we showcase you will also find our signature line of sterling silver and gemstone jewellery designed and made by Krysten.

Coal Miner’s Daughter’s goal is to have no less than 80% Canadian designers and brands in our stores. Canadian brands you’ll find at Coal Miner’s Daughter are Valerie Dumaine, Eve Gravel, Birds of North America, Pink Martini, Melissa Nepton, Jennifer Glasgow, and Sara Duke (just to name a few – there are so many more!). An example of non-Canadian brands you will find are Des Petites Hauts from Paris, ELK from Australia, and Noa Noa from Denmark.