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Strum is the world’s first customer experience app. It’s also the first business performance tool created for customer-facing businesses. Strum is the only existing platform that can identify your customers and allow business owners to actively connect with their customers in a way that customers feel great about.

It is a free mobile app, available on Apple devices or Android smartphones, that allows you to communicate directly and privately with the customers you love most. All businesses have access to an online business administrative portal.

Every time a customer messages (“Strums”) a business on-site, either by sending quick one-tap applause (what Strum calls a “Note”) and/or a written comment, the customer receives Strum Points. That customer will also show up in your business admin portal (under “Customers”). Customers can tag an employee while on-site to compliment fantastic service (when they do, the employee get Strum points too). This gives valuable feedback to the business owner to see who on your team is a consistent star performer.

The business owner (or manager) who has access to the administrative panel can see all of the incoming Strums and can choose to publish, reply to or ignore any comments. Strum can also act as a direct reward channel for a business who would like to send a token of appreciation to a specific customer or to remedy an unpleasant experience. Business locations have the option of awarding Regular Status to their favourite customers, which is a big compliment. Strum Points are redeemed for great local items in the Strum Auction!

The Strum Auction is a hyperlocal marketplace which gives a business the option of posting a special, product, or gift certificate in a public auction. This is a great way to drive traffic, incremental spending and awareness to a particular business location.

Strum is also a location aware search engine of businesses organized by category or geographical area.

Strum can integrate into Twitter and Facebook – and customers can share their Strumming activity to their personal Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Customers on Strum can “Favourite” up to 20 local business locations that they love supporting. This also opens a direct marketing channel for the business.

For more information about Strum, please visit www.strumapp.com.