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Graffiti Prevention & Removal Tips:

Graffiti Removal

 Graffiti vandalism can contribute to the decline in property value, and more importantly, it generates the perception of increased crime and can suggest disorder and lawlessness.

Review the steps outlined below compiled to help with the removal and/or provide preventative measures in helping those businesses who have been affected by graffiti.

Here is some information and basic steps to help you prevent and remove graffiti.

The most important step to take in order to keep graffiti vandalism off your property is to be vigilant and remove graffiti as soon as possible. The faster graffiti is removed the less likely it will reoccur. The longer graffiti stays on your property the harder it becomes to remove and the more additional graffiti it attracts.

Tips for Prevention:

  • Installation of security cameras
  • Restrict access to buildings and structures
  • Paint surfaces in dark colors
  • Protect walls with a protective coating
  • Plant climbing vines or thorny plants among building walls
  • Murals or graffiti art

Tips for Removal:

  • Timely clean up will save you money in the long run, demonstrate ownership of your property, ensure that your property complies with property standards by-laws, maintain the value of your property. Here is a list of helpful removal tips;
  • Remove it as soon as possible (between 24-72 hours)
  • Paint over graffiti with appropriate paint type
  • Use environmentally safe removal products
  • Have a maintenance schedule
  • Hire someone to remove the graffiti
  • Contact your Municipal Licensing and Standards District Office for more information.
  • Something also to keep in mind with removal is the fact that graffiti taggers and writers are unlikely to return to locations that do not offer a good payback for their risk, time and money.

Helpful Contacts & Resources

Information Line: 416 733 8686

Street Art Toronto: Contact- 416 338 2432


Prevention and Removal: http://www.toronto.ca/graffiti/prevent_and_remove.htm


Toronto Police Service Graffiti Management Program: 416 808 0131


 TABIA Recommended Removal Agencies:

Goodbye Graffiti: 1 877 684 4747


Wipeout Graffiti