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Getting to 80: Emission reductions through neighbourhood incentive programs

Toronto: Home owners interested in energy savings upgrades in Wards 13 & 30 may qualify for up to $2,000 from Enbridge Gas Distribution’s Community Energy Conservation program. The financial incentives are being offered as part of community-wide climate protection initiative led by Project Neutral and Windfall Ecology Centre.

The neighbourhood project, named Getting to 80, initially focusses on natural gas savings however, Project Neutral and Windfall Centre are quick to emphasize that this is just the first step: the initiative’s longer term goal is to galvanize stakeholders around additional offerings for electricity savings, renewable energy, and water conservation opportunities.  In addition to financial incentives Getting to 80 provides easy one-window enrolment in a comprehensive package that includes home assessments by Certified Energy Auditors, gas saving measures, and access to trusted contractors.

Getting to 80 eligible measures include insulation upgrades, air sealing, high efficiency space heating system, high efficiency water heating, and drain water heat recovery systems.

Project Neutral – a project of Tides Canada Initiatives Society (TCI) – is a primarily volunteer-led initiative to transition neighbourhoods to carbon neutrality. Project Neutral has been active in The Junction and Riverdale communities since 2010. Karen Nasmith, Project Neutral’s Director and co-founder said, “We are engaging with residents in a grassroots climate change dialogue. Our on-line survey establishes a baseline for each household that can be used to prioritize actions. Beyond that we are striving to be a catalyst for deeper, more meaningful change – Getting to 80 is a way of connecting residents with ways to reduce their footprint.‘

Windfall Ecology Centre is a non-profit organization known for its leadership in the design and deployment of innovative energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Windfall worked in Riverdale with the Toronto Solar Neighbourhoods Initiative. Windfall Centre founder, Brent Kopperson, noted that the long term vision for Getting to 80 is about developing ways to engage and efficiently retrofit entire communities in order to achieve the city’s GHG emission reduction target of 80 percent by the year 2050.

Ward 13 and 30 residents can get further information on Getting to 80 by visiting www.Gettingto80.ca